Research Networks

Here we showcase research collaborations, which use the Cloud Resource & Information Management System to manage, share and analyze their data.


Bioactive Compounds & Biotechnology

The network bundles the broadly-based research of Leibniz institutes on molecules with biological effects.


Autonomy in Old Age

The alliance develops "lifeworld-oriented strategies for dealing with the challenges of demographic change".



The German-Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research and Training coordinates activities on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and the development of strategies to tackle global health challenges.

Manage, Analyze and Share Your Documents

Use CRIMSy to manage documents, have them analyzed and share them with selected peers. Our configurable processing pipeline indexes the content of your documents.

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Track your Stocks

  • Chemicals, either commerical or scientific samples
  • Living organisms and other samples of biological origin
  • Consumables
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Record Your Experiments

CRIMSy can work as your electronic laboratory notebook.

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Check Out The Video

This video will highlight a few use cases of our system.

Get Involved

As a Scientist

How can I get access to CRIMSy?
Please approach your group leader or your IT personel, whether an instance of CRIMSy is available at your institution. If not, please ask your IT personel to contact us, as installation and maintenance of CRIMSy requires some IT background. We would be happy to support them in making CRIMSy available for you.
More details can be found here.

As an IT Professional

I am an IT administrator, how can I install CRIMSy?
We have compiled detailed information about preconditions as well as installation and maintenance procedures on our project page.

I am a developer, how can I contribute to CRIMSy development?
The source code of CRIMSy is available at Please refer to our project page for more information.


We acknowledge generous funding by:

Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry

The Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry pays a developer's salary and finances most of the infrastructure needed for development.


Senate Strategic Committee

The project was initiated in 2016 as "Leibniz Bioactives Cloud" by the Leibniz Research Alliance "Bioactive Compounds & Biotechnology". For this purpose, the Research Alliance received generous support from the Senate Strategic Committee (SAS) of the Leibniz Association.


European Regional Development Fund

Since November 2019, the European Regional Development Fund has been supporting the development of the "Cloud Resource & Information Managment System" as part of the project "ProCognito - Plant based natural products for the preservation of cognitive capabilities in old age".